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Remove Old Paint Before Repainting, Why?

Most people do not realize simply what proportion work is involved repainting a house. it is a extended method, and it is a heap over merely painting over the present paint job. Pressure laundry, priming, and wood restoration square measure vital elements of making ready a house for painting, long before you get to check the colours that you have chosen for your house. however even before those early steps, it’s important to get rid of the maximum amount of the previous paint as you most likely will.

When you repaint a house, it’s not nearly as simple as just painting over the old spots of paint that are already in place. You can try doing that, but it’s going to leave the older paint still peeling away from the wood underneath the new coat. When you’re focusing on exterior painting in Roswell, leaving the older paint on the wood is a recipe for disaster. When the old paint does eventually peel off of the wood, what’s going to happen is that it’s going to take the new paint off with it. If that occurs, you’re going to be left with an ugly mark in the middle of your beautiful paint job, and you’re going to have to do the same job again a second time, and far earlier than you wanted to do it.

Losing your paint job is only one potential pitfall. If you fail to go through all of the steps before painting over the old paint job, you’re going to miss having a chance to examine the exterior of your house and make sure that everything is in good shape. If you don’t take the time to look, you might miss a spot where the wood is damaged or rotting away, and merely covering it up will do nothing to solve the problem.

A professional painter who goes through all of the steps of preparation before touching a brush will be able to spot the issue and take care of it before it becomes a problem. When you own a house, one of the keys to minimizing the expenses and maximizing your budget is catching problems before they have a chance to appear. By removing the old paint and washing the house properly, you might save yourself from a big repair bill down the road.

Removing the old paint from your house might seem tedious, but it’s a critical part of making sure that the job is done right the first time. Exterior painting in Roswell isn’t something you want to do any more often than absolutely necessary, so it’s worth the time to get old paint scraped off and make sure your paint job holds up the way it should.