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Buying Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

A single bowl sink like its name suggests has one bowl as critical those who have 2 or 3. one in all the most important blessings of victimization this type of sink is utility. you’ll be able to use it for a good form of completely different functions not simply to scrub or rinse your dishes in. It may also be wont to bathe your baby, small kids, and even pets. after all they’ll even be used for food and change of state preparation too. With such a large amount of uses for this type of sink it’s no marvel that several individuals area unit finding it have a tough time deciding which sort to decide on. Here area unit some tips about a way to decide the proper kind for your desires.

DIY vs. Professional

If you are a DIY sort of person, a drop in single bowl kitchen sink might just be the one for you. They are easy to install because they are simply placed into a cut out designated for your sink on the counter top sealed and ready to be used. This type of sink is also ideal for people who are going to wash a lot of heavy stuff in their sink as they are sturdier than other types because the weight is supported by the counter top itself.

For those looking for a more elegant and neater look, an under mount single bowl kitchen sink is a fantastic option. It is mounted below the counter using epoxy adhesive and sealed with caulk. . This reason, this sink is best installed by a professional. With this kind of sink you can sweep dirt and crumbs directly to the sink and down the drain since it won’t get caught on the edges


Sinks with one bowl do come in many sizes. Usually they are around 22 inches long and 30 inches wide with an average of 7 inches in depth. There are also large single bowl kitchen sinks available that are ideal for washing bigger cooking and baking accessories. Size and depth is very important because small sinks can pose a problem if you need to do a ton of washing or if you use large pots and pans constantly. Knowing how you will use the sink can help you choose the size for your needs.


Certain types of sink work well with certain counter top materials. Drop in sinks are very versatile as they can work with any kind of material. They can be used with tile, concrete, soapstone, ceramic or laminate. Under mount sinks on the other hand only work with certain materials that can support them like granite, soapstone, concrete and marble only.

Speaking of materials, the sinks themselves also come in many different ones as well. Cast iron and ones made from composite granite are very durable. A black granite kitchen sink in particular can be a very luxurious looking addition to the home. Another tough material is fire clay which is clay that is allowed to dry with a porcelain finish that is fired at high temperatures. It can withstand really heavy use along with chipping, staining, fading and discoloration. This is perhaps why many farm houses prefer fireclay sinks. Stainless steel and acrylic are two inexpensive and attractive ways to go as well.

As you can see there is a lot to consider when choosing your single bowl kitchen sink. Keep the above information in mind to help you get started on the path to the perfect sink for your needs. And of course always be sure to follow your own personal preferences since you will see and use your sink multiple times per day for years to come, so it’s best to pick one that you find attractive.