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Bathroom Tiling, Here its Tips

bathroom tilingTiling is that the main event once it involves redecorating a toilet. Careful coming up with will facilitate with all aspects of a application job, from guaranteeing lights square measure placed properly, to making sure associate degree uncommon formed space is covered with efficiency. If you do not set up well you’ll find yourself paying out a lot of in redoing the task, and replacement materials.

Here square measure some basic toilet application tips:


It is implausibly necessary you pay time coming up with the task. rely on the design you would like to realize and analysis ways that to realize that look. take into account the design, practicalities, plumbing and electrics. rely on fixtures, lighting vogue, fans and therefore the overall look.

Work Down

Many people will tile starting from the bottom – up when tiling in a bathroom, which can end up with you having to cut tiles unnecessarily. Start from the ceiling downwards lining the tile up to meet the grout line from the ceiling/ wall border.

Doors And Windows

Tiling around doors and windows can be tricky. Every window and door is different and therefore presents a different challenge. Waterproofing is particularly difficult when it comes to windows and doors. When you’re looking at tiling with a bath, or shower, consider the windows in your design.

Being Precise With Tile Size

As with a lot of things, sizes can vary depending on the country of origin. Just like a size 8 in America is smaller than a size 8 in the UK, with tiles a lot of the measurements are European because that is where so many of them are manufactureed, which means you could easily get the sizing wrong. The tile measurements may also factor in grout spacing, which is something else to consider. To check the ceramic or porcelain tiles are in fact the size you require, purchase a small sample selection so that you can check the size and depth is correct, And whether you are buying standard tiles or opting for a bit of luxury with designer tiles such as Versace or Philippe Starck you should also check the quality is what you are expecting.


To protect your room against leaking, ensure you grade the areas surrounding the shower.

Allow Proper Drying

It is extremely important you allow grout and sealant to fully dry naturally between steps. Rushing the job and allowing any interaction with the tiles whilst they are drying can be detrimental. Patience is a must to ensure a perfect tiling result.

Creativity And Detail

Designing the tiles well, playing with colour schemes, patterns and coloured grout as well as how the tile is placed will all contribute to the overall look. Focusing on these details takes a bathroom from being adequately designed, to looking beautiful and polished.