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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Guide to Design Eco Friendly Home

1. one in all the most effective ways that to travel inexperienced is to recycle or restore your recent piece of furniture. you ought to look out for recycled wood and moldings. you’ll be able to even provide your recent wood a brand new look and feel by repainting recent cupboards, moldings, doors and floorboards

2. Cork and bamboo square measure sensible various eco-friendly flooring choice otherwise you will even use saved wooden flooring. after you square measure on a glance out for brand spanking new piece of furniture, you ought to request low volatile compounds (VOC’s) and piece of furniture created out from recycled material.

3. Use eco-friendly paints for your walls. You should buy paints with low VOC’s as they are free of toxic materials and can be easily cleaned and give the same color effect to the place.

4. Use Some of the options for natural wallpaper are natural non-vinyl products like bamboo or grass-cloth. These are made from eco-friendly fibers that are colored with non-toxic dyes and water-based inks.

5. You have endless options for eco-friendly floorings, starting from reclaimed wooden floors, cork flooring, stone floors, bamboo, recycled glass, linoleum to recycled metal. These materials can be utilized to create innovative ultra modern country feel to a contemporary minimalist one.

6. You should avoid using polyester or foam filling options. You can use natural fibers made of wool, cotton that can turn out to be awesome alternative options for soft and comfortable cushions, bedding, and pillows.

7. Lower head showers should be used in the bathrooms in order to reduce the water as well as electricity consumption. You can use timber and rubber floorings to add more class to the bathroom.

8. You can use natural fabrics, such as cotton and linen as eco-friendly substitute to deck up your furniture. You can also find bamboo based fabric as well as organic cotton and wool options for upholstery, pillows and drapes. Nowadays a lot of upholstery manufacturers are offering a wide range of designs in additional fabric choices made from recycled cotton and hemp.

9. These days’ markets are loaded with wide range of antiques or artifacts made from recycled products. You can choose from a range of vases, lamps, throws, cushions, curtains, blinds made of

10. You should right curtains that will help you make your dream home energy efficient. You can select a curtain with a light colored lining during summers as it will deflect the sun’s rays and will keep your home cooler while a curtain with a dark lining can be used in winters as they absorb any external heat and lock in the warmth.

11. You should also assure that the design of your home should be done in way that it allows maximum natural light. You can use grills or skylights on the rooftop that will help you minimize your dependency on the artificial light and help you save energy.

12. You can also use plants to decorate your home as they not only beautify the interiors but also freshen up the environment.

Important Design Tips for Your Home

Are you bored and uninterested in observing your recent and out-of-date interior style? Is there a space within the house that you just would like to transform and revamp? There square measure many owners United Nations agency are petrified by the concept of decorating their homes and believe they’ll ne’er place along a cohesive design.

There is a radical choices method, which might facilitate one with their interior style concepts. serving to one attain outstanding results when.

1. Start Small :

Don’t overwhelm yourself trying to juggle the entire house at once. An interior design idea may require one to do many small and a few big tasks. Start with the easiest and smallest changes first, like choose the colors of countertops and begin working a theme from there.

One of the main concerns when decorating is selecting Interior colors for the home. The best way of selecting interior paint colours flawlessly is deciding the focal point in the room. For example, in a kitchen, a granite counter top, in a bathroom, the tiled shower, and in the living room, a painting or piece of art can do the trick.

One thing to remember when selecting Interior paint colors, one color does not suit all rooms, and every room has a different focal point.

Select a focal point you love, and chose the interior paint colors gradually working the way to different accessories and furnishings.

2. Buy Samples :

Once you have an interior design idea picked out and selected interior paint colors. One needs to get samples of the colors to test on less obvious walls before buying the paints in bulk. This provides one an actual picture of how the paint looks and feels in natural light of the room. This is the best time to make alterations.

Not everything has to match; contrasting and complementing colors accentuate a theme. However, beware the colors don’t clash or feel out of theme.

3. Be Patient:

Interior design ideas and chosen interior paint colors will not come together at once. The process of decorating a house is gradual and needs time to work. Take time to make all elements work and slowly progress to supplementary selections like fabrics, cushions and rugs to accentuate the interior paint colors.

4. Ask for help:

If one is stuck or confused, trial and error is not the best way to go. Interior painting is expensive along with other aspects of interior decor. Virtual design software and even interior designers, who specialize in helping one make the right selection by professional interior painting tips.

Taking help can resolve the hurdles and confusions, which could later show in the interior design idea.

5. Personalise:

No one knows your preferences better. Ultimately, the house has to feel and relate to one’s own personality and should be the product of one’s ideas and desires.

Interior design is a fun process. One can recreate their space from scratch, adding on to the existing decor, or just change the interior paint colors to get amazing results.

How to Saving Time When Washing Dishes

If you do not have a dishwasher, then laundry dishes by hand is boring and time overwhelming. Some individuals relish it and notice it quiet, however we’re willing to bet that several a lot of notice it associate degree arduous duty that they really need to avoid. If a dishwasher purchase is not on the cards for you any time within the close to future, here’s the way to create the hand laundry method considerably faster.

Get associate degree previous plastic tub just like the varieties typically wont to store ironing. Keep it close to the sink and use it for stacking dirty dishes before you wash. Then you do not pay ages remotion the sink before laundry, and it is usually clean and empty therefore you’ll clean dishes and rinse as you go.

As your sink is now permanently empty, try to do dishes while you cook and straight after you eat. The food is easier to clean off, so it takes less time, and the motivation factor is stronger than when there’s three days’ worth of dirty dishes piled up on a Friday night. If you’re in the kitchen cooking anyway, you may as well rinse off those boards and knives while the food is simmering.

Use rubber gloves. They not only ward off the gross dishwater floaters, but you can handle hotter temperatures. The hotter the water, the easier and more effective the cleaning process is, so rubber gloves will definitely make a big difference here.

Start with the cleanest items and work your way up. Things like glasses and lightly used plates go first, and pots and pans go later. You’ll have to empty the water way less (if at all), and there’s something satisfying about reaching the pots and pans and knowing they’re the last hurdle!

Have plenty of dish towels. Trying to dry a wet plate with a soggy dish towel is a horrible experience, and we all know that it just doesn’t work. You spend ages “drying”, when just using a new towel would save loads of time. They’re not that expensive and trust us, the investment is well worth the time you’ll save by being able to use three or four towels without any problems. Remember to throw them in the wash pretty regularly too!

Invest in a good drying rack. Similar to the dish towel point, drying can be needlessly time consuming. If you wash your breakfast cutlery, for instance, or wash your cooking utensils and bowls as you go along then a drying rack is invaluable. Wash and rinse, then place everything on the drying rack. By the time you’re finished cooking and eating, or you’ve got home from work, the washed items will already be dry and you can just put them away without having to dry them. Just piling them on the draining board takes far more space and doesn’t allow the air to reach everywhere – so your dishes stay wet, and you lose valuable time.

How to Choose the Proper Lighting for Your Kitchen

Proper Lighting for Your KitchenThe importance of putting in smart fixture within the house is acknowledge to all or any people. and also the same factor will be aforesaid regarding the room lighting. As room is that the place wherever we tend to prepare meals, eat them, and share our lives with our loved ones, thus it’s essential to put in an honest lighting system to illuminate the world properly with a sublime bit. A well-balanced lighting theme in a very room won’t solely watch out of sensible wants, however creates the correct atmosphere also to perform the task.

Now you’ll notice broad vary of cheap and customized room lighting solutions that may rework the utility of room lighting into a superb and galvanizing piece of art. however once choosing the correct lighting for your room, keep in mind these basic things:

– Ensure that the lighting fixture you are selecting is proportionate to the size of your space.
– What architectural features require attention?
– What time of day will it most often be used?
– What is the artistic and psychological impression the lighting should provoke?
– It is important to have your kitchen lighting on a dimmer switch for easy ambiance creation.
– Be sure that the kitchen lighting you select will offer you ample light in work areas.

The objective of kitchen lighting is to create a bright working environment combined with multiple layers of light so that you can get great pleasure in preparing food and dining as well. To illuminate an island, the sink, a stove, or a chopping block, task lighting serves a purpose. Next is ambient lighting which is ideal to give the overall lighting and brightness and is used for everyday living. Another option is decorative lighting which is generally used for fun and to create various effects.

And if you are looking for a balance and visual enhancements to your kitchen, you can consider accent lighting. In accent lighting, you can use a wall sconce, or small pendant lighting to highlight areas of utility, such as a chopping block, an island, or a sink. Another option you have is a large pendant or chandelier above a kitchen table or a place requiring ambient lighting, or perhaps matching the pendant to wall sconces. Pendants and wall sconces not only add balance, but their simplicity can be eye-catching, offering a warm and inviting atmosphere. Finally, also consider the flexibility of your lighting meaning; use multiple controls with dimmers to control mood and atmosphere.

But it is also true that many people do not put enough time and energy finding a proper lighting design plan. In such scenario online lighting stores are the best choice to find the right kind of kitchen lighting fixture. These stores offers broads range of choices in different styles, designs and colors which is also at amazing prices! Thus, browse these stores and make the right choices for your space without wasting time and money and lighten up the heart of your home!!